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HIV treatment in prevention – different methods aren’t in competition

jueves, julio 21st, 2011

Policy makers need to think how the use of antiretroviral therapy, PrEP and microbicides can be used in an HIV prevention package, delegates to the Rome conference have been told.


Finding a cure for HIV: will it ever be achievable?

miércoles, junio 8th, 2011

Combination antiretroviral therapy has led to a major reduction in HIV-related mortality and morbidity. However, HIV still cannot be cured. With the absence of an effective prophylactic or therapeutic vaccine, increasing numbers of infected people, emerging new toxicities secondary to combination antiretroviral therapy and the need for life-long treatment, there is now a real urgency to find a cure for HIV.


Groundbreaking trial results confirm HIV treatment prevents transmission of HIV

viernes, mayo 20th, 2011

WHO and UNAIDS hail results from the HPTN 052 trial that show antiretroviral therapy to be 96% effective in reducing HIV transmission in couples where one partner has HIV.


Ethiopia: Five-Year Plan to Halve New HIV Infections

martes, marzo 29th, 2011

Ethiopia’s government has come up with an ambitious plan to halve new HIV infections, quadruple its annual condom distribution and put 85 percent of people who need life-prolonging HIV medication on treatment within five years.