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UNAIDS and WHO hail new results showing that a once-daily pill for HIV-negative people can prevent them from acquiring HIV

viernes, julio 22nd, 2011

Results announced today from two studies reveal that a daily antiretroviral tablet taken by people who do not have HIV infection can reduce their risk of acquiring HIV by up to 73%. Both daily tenofovir and daily tenofovir/emtricitabine taken as preventive medicine (PrEP – pre-exposure prophylaxis) can prevent heterosexual transmission of HIV from men to women and from women to men.


Antiretroviral Drugs Dramatically Reduce Risk of Passing HIV to Healthy Partners

sábado, julio 16th, 2011

When one partner in a couple is infected with HIV and the other is not, treatment with antiretroviral drugs can dramatically lower the chances of the infected partner passing along the disease to his or her mate, a new evidence review finds.


The fight against the HIV / AIDS in Mozambique

sábado, junio 11th, 2011

Thirty years after the appearance of the first cases of AIDS, the prevention, the diagnosis and the treatment are a fight of every day in Mozambique. In spite of overhangs and efforts to check the distribution of the virus, Mozambique counts among countries the most deprived and the most touched by the HIV/AIDS.


Drugs Stop AIDS. Take Your Medicine

sábado, junio 4th, 2011

THERE is now, for the first time, hard clinical evidence of an effect that AIDS doctors have suspected for years: If you are H.I.V.-positive, being on antiretroviral drugs will probably save not only your life, but also the lives of your sexual partners.