Etiqueta: HIV prevention

  • HIV/AIDS: Young people at highest risk of HIV infection

      That young people are particularly vulnerable to HIV and AIDS is well established, but a new report reveals for the first time new data on HIV prevalence in this […]

  • HIV/AIDS: ARVs as prevention must move quickly “from science to action”

        A landmark study showing major reductions in HIV transmission among discordant couples due to early treatment may fail to have a significant impact on HIV prevention unless governments and donors are willing […]

  • Uganda: Male circumcision gains popularity

      MEDICAL male circumcision is gaining strength as a preventive measure against HIV/AIDS transmission. The findings was contained in a report on communication challenges in HIV prevention, multiple concurrent partners and medical male […]

  • Female condom side-effects exaggerated

      FOURTEEN years after the female condom was introduced in Zimbabwe, the device remains unpopular among women despite its celebrated advantages. Experts say the female condom remains the only tool for HIV prevention that gives […]

  • Anal sex HIV risk misunderstood among heterosexuals

        Vaginal sex, thigh sex, even armpit sex – people have sex in lots of ways, but in heterosexual anal sex, HIV prevention programming is silent about the high […]

  • 41. Few takers for female condoms, cost a factor

    It is the only HIV prevention method that is under the complete control of a woman. It is also known to enhance erotic pleasure for both the sexes. Yet, the female condom, […]

  • 40. UGANDA: Muslim women back condoms for HIV prevention

    Some Muslim women in western Uganda are demanding that a new HIV preventionprogramme for Muslims include condom promotion, going against calls by local religious leaders for the programme to be limited to messages on faithfulness and abstinence. […]

  • Preventing HIV with social media and mobile phones

      With more than 7 000 people newly infected with HIV everyday and 1 000 of these new infections occurring in South Africa, Stellenbosch University just outside Cape Town, was the ideal setting […]