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Large gaps in the HIV prevention evidence base

viernes, julio 15th, 2011

An analysis of research that is relevant to HIV prevention in the United Kingdom has identified several important topics on which little research is done. Writing in the journal BMC Public Health, the authors point to the lack of studies into combination prevention packages, individuals with undiagnosed infection, the impact of social policy and the implementation of interventions that have been successful in other countries. It is rare for the impact of mass media campaigns to be evaluated.


HIV/AIDS: The future of HIV diagnostics

lunes, junio 6th, 2011

As the number of people receiving HIV treatment continues to rise – 6.6 million people were taking antiretroviral drugs by December 2010 – it is important to ensure the technology to test and monitor patients on ARVs be made simpler, cheaper and more easily available to high prevalence, low-income countries, say experts.


Groundbreaking trial results confirm HIV treatment prevents transmission of HIV

viernes, mayo 20th, 2011

WHO and UNAIDS hail results from the HPTN 052 trial that show antiretroviral therapy to be 96% effective in reducing HIV transmission in couples where one partner has HIV.


Free in-home kits help encourage STD testing in young people

jueves, abril 14th, 2011

Up to half of sexually active young people will get a sexually transmitted disease by the time they are 25, yet many don’t seek testing because it may be difficult, costly or embarrassing.


UGANDA: Muslim women back condoms for HIV prevention

lunes, abril 11th, 2011

Some Muslim women in western Uganda are demanding that a new HIV prevention programme for Muslims include condom promotion, going against calls by local religious leaders for the programme to be limited to messages on faithfulness and abstinence.