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Use of lubricant makes sex more pleasurable

martes, abril 19th, 2011

Women experience less pain and achieve more satisfaction when using lube. Lube up for a better sex life. A new study from Indiana University found that women get significantly more satisfaction and pleasure from sex when they use water – or silicone-based lubricant.


First HIV vaccine lab

miércoles, marzo 30th, 2011

India plans to set up its first laboratory exclusively tasked with designing vaccines against the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) and plunge deeper into a back-to-biology movement hatched after disappointing results worldwide with 30 candidate vaccines.


El amor y los bebés en tiempos del SIDA

sábado, enero 29th, 2011

El documental “Love (and Babies) in the Time of AIDS, A Journey to India” sigue los pasos de Thembi Ngubane, una activista contra el VIH/SIDA de 23 años de edad en su travesía desde su humilde hogar en Khayelitsha, Sudáfrica, hasta el bullicioso centro de Bollywood, en Mumbai, India.