Palabra clave ‘STI’


sábado, enero 31st, 2015

PositHIVo es un cortometraje de ficción que cuenta la historia de Juan Pablo, un joven que vive con VIH y que ha decidido abandonar su tratamiento, motivado por una espiral de autodestrucción y sufrimiento que lo mantiene permanentemente deprimido.


Parte 8: SIDA la Agonia de África por Mark Schoofs

martes, julio 19th, 2011

Una Serie de Ocho artículos publicada en The Village Voice y galardonada con el premio Pulitzer 2000 al mejor reportaje internacional. Parte 8: Tratar el SIDA sin dinero. Hay que usar lo que se tiene a mano.


Sexually Transmitted Diseases

lunes, julio 11th, 2011

Sexuality is a crucial aspect of human life and functioning. Many issues, both physical and mental are interwoven together to form our sense of sexuality. This online guide focuses on some of the physical aspects regarding sexuality, namely illness and disease associated with sexual activity.


SOUTH AFRICA: Nonqaba Jacobs, “She says it’s from Satan that you are positive”

lunes, junio 20th, 2011

Nonqaba Jacobs, 28, comes from a rural community outside East London; both parents were HIV-positive and she tested positive in 2004. In 2005 she moved to Khayelitsha, near Cape Town, where she found treatment and attitudes towards HIV to be a world away from what she experienced in the Eastern Cape. These days she is doing well, but is worried about her mother, who has gone off her antiretrovirals in favour of “faith healing” at the Christ Embassy church.