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My Life On PrEP: How I Learned To Stop Worrying, And Start Taking The Pill

miércoles, octubre 31st, 2012

Over the past three years, I’ve noticed something about my sex life. For a host of reasons that this column will be exploring, I’d all but stopped using condoms. This set-in most clearly during a recent out-of-town trip when a guy who’s Manhunt profile lectured others about “wrapping it up” spit on my hole, shoved it in, and fucked me raw. I was absolutely ecstatic. In that moment – caught off-guard by expectations and overcome with pleasure – I realized just how much my desires had changed.


Let’s talk about sex

jueves, agosto 23rd, 2012

Something essential has faded from discussion of the world’s most lethal sexually transmitted epidemic: Sex.

That’s a shame. Only by understanding how illness spreads can the world hope to prevent it. It’s not possible to understand how HIV spreads — why in some places one in four adults have the virus, and in others one in a thousand do — without understanding how variations in sexual behavior inhibit or accelerate its path through societies.


Sex Education Gets Directly to Youths, via Text

martes, enero 10th, 2012

While heading to class last year, Stephanie Cisneros, a Denver-area high school junior, was arguing with a friend about ways that sexually transmitted diseases might be passed along. Ms. Cisneros knew she could resolve the dispute in class — but not by raising her hand. While her biology teacher lectured about fruit flies, Ms. Cisneros hid her phone underneath her lab table and typed a message to ICYC (In Case You’re Curious), a text-chat program run by Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains.


African ministers hail HIV therapy progress

miércoles, julio 20th, 2011

African ministers hailed a lowering of mother-to-child HIV transmission rates as a result of treatment at a meeting in Rome, a day after a study found key benefits from early therapy.


HIV/AIDS: Treatment as prevention – the tough road ahead

lunes, julio 18th, 2011

The sixth International AIDS Society Conference on HIV Pathogenesis, Treatment and Prevention started optimistically as the hype surrounding the use of antiretroviral treatment to prevent HIV infection gained momentum. But the focus of much discussion in Rome from 17-20 July will undoubtedly be on how to transform the recent promising research findings into workable policy.


Top 10 most outrageous sex myths

miércoles, julio 13th, 2011
Top 10 most outrageous sex myths…


Positively False – Birth of a Heresy

martes, julio 12th, 2011

Positively False – Birth of a Heresy traces the challenge over the past 25 years to the scientific orthodoxy which maintains that HIV is the cause of AIDS. Joan Shenton reaches back to 1987 through her extensive archive of broadcast and non-broadcast video material and combines it with current footage.


Sexually Transmitted Diseases

lunes, julio 11th, 2011

Sexuality is a crucial aspect of human life and functioning. Many issues, both physical and mental are interwoven together to form our sense of sexuality. This online guide focuses on some of the physical aspects regarding sexuality, namely illness and disease associated with sexual activity.


The fight against the HIV / AIDS in Mozambique

sábado, junio 11th, 2011

Thirty years after the appearance of the first cases of AIDS, the prevention, the diagnosis and the treatment are a fight of every day in Mozambique. In spite of overhangs and efforts to check the distribution of the virus, Mozambique counts among countries the most deprived and the most touched by the HIV/AIDS.


Sexually Transmitted Diseases Treatment Guidelines, 2010

miércoles, abril 27th, 2011

These guidelines for the treatment of persons who have or are at risk for sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) were updated by CDC after consultation with a group of professionals knowledgeable in the field of STDs. The information in this report updates the 2006 Guidelines for Treatment of Sexually Transmitted Diseases (MMWR 2006;55[No. RR–11]).